“A” Lessons
There are two Advance levels: A-1 and A-2.
The A-1 calls are taught first followed by the A-2 list.
A” classes are for those that are proficient in Mainstream, Plus
and knowing DBD/ADP (Dance By Definition and All Dance Positions)

So, if you know your Mainstream and Plus well,
you will have a fun filled dance every week.
This will make it easier for you to learn the new concepts and calls of the Advanced level.

Checkmates A1, A2 and C-1
With Randy Dibble
Times:  C1 lessons         6:00 – 7:30p.m.
A1/A2 lessons   7:30 – 9:30p.m.

Location: Abernathy Grange
15745 S. Harley Ave.
Oregon City, OR 9704

“C” lessons
You need to be proficient in all levels through A-2. Many new concepts, which are not used in the lower levels, are introduced to the “C” dancers.

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